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No. 1 Data Analysis School in Ikeja, Lagos Nigeria.

We Educate Aspiring Data Analysts to Solve Real Life Business Challenges

Lagos Data School was established to educate aspiring Data Analysts to become proficient in all the competencies needed in the workplace, in order to ensure that professionals have the competitive advantage to work in challenging environments with competitive payment wherever they find themselves.

Our courses are taken by competent instructors with real life examples and 100% project based sessions to enhance the ability of the learner gain proficiency in all the tools needed to gather data, extract data, modify and manage data for decision making.

Our Courses take participants through the beginners, intermediate and advanced and immersive stages.



Lagos Data School ensures that every registered participant or learner can learn data analysis from the very fundamental at their pace with different instructional guides using graphics, video and flip board with the help of our one-on-one instructors.


Learners can access their data analysis trainings via physical one-on-one session, virtual sessions, a mix of physical and virtual as well as corporate trainings for a team of professionals to ensure flexibility in the delivery of the training schedule.



At Lagos Data School, we are building the next biggest pool of Data Analysts across the Ikeja, Lagos State, Nigeria to share experiences, provide professional support and mentoring as well as support learners to build a robust portfolio of experiences to be gainfully employed in any sector of the economy and across continents physically or remotely.

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