Business analysis is the activity of facilitating change in an organization by articulating needs and offering solutions that add value to stakeholders. Business analysis enables a company to communicate its needs and the logic for change, as well as build and describe value-added solutions. Learn everything there is to know about setting company objectives, accomplishing those objectives, and solving business problems with the business analysis training in Ikeja Lagos Nigeria organized by Lagos Data School.


By developing a scorecard that will present the data and rank the customers according to their profit margin and sales, business analysts can study the statistical data about their customers. Business analysis displays product and sales performance to show not just customer statistics but also product and sales performance to show if locations have met or exceeded their sales goals as well as showcase data about products and historical patterns in various statistics.


A professional with the training and skills to perform business analysis tasks is a business analyst. Understanding organizational issues and objectives, examining demands and potential solutions, developing strategies, enacting change, and fostering stakeholder engagement are just a few of the duties of a business analyst.


Enrolling in this business analysis training program, which is being offered by Lagos Data School in Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria, guarantees that students will graduate with the know-how and abilities necessary to be successful in their career as a business analyst. The objective of Lagos Data School is to broaden the participants’ skill sets during the Business Analysis course in Ikeja Lagos by exposing them to Excel, SQL, Agile scrum master, Tableau, CCBA, CBAP and more. Trainees will also gain a lot of understanding about business analysis as well as how to create interactive dashboards, work with SQL databases, and more. They will become immediately qualified to work as business analysts after completing all of the training courses.


Who should enroll?

Any professional, whether an experienced or new worker, may choose to pursue a career as a business analyst. An analytical attitude is basically needed to be an effective business analyst. Being a business analyst has no specific educational requirements.


However, people who want to become business analysts and professionals getting ready for the Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP) certification exam could both benefit from the business analysis training in Ikeja Lagos Nigeria.


Highlights of what you will learn at the business analysis training in Ikeja Lagos Nigeria:

  • Getting started with business analysis.
  • Introduction to BABOK organizational scheme.
  • Stakeholder Designs and Requirements.
  • Key Terms for the Business Analysis Core Concepts Model.
  • Approach to Business Analysis Planning.
  • Business Analysis Information Management Planning.
  • Elicitation of conduct.
  • Strategy analysis, risk evaluation and change strategy.
  • Examining performance metrics and evaluating solutions.
  • Tools and technology in business analysis.
  • Business analysis soft skills.


Job roles in Business Analysis

These days, there is a high demand for business analysts across many different businesses. For those who possess strong analytical abilities and desire to succeed and advance in life, a career in business analytics can be highly fascinating.

Business analysis positions pay quite well in Nigeria. Across Nigeria, business analysts are needed in the majority of industries, including tech, real estate and consulting. The following employment titles in business analysis range from entry-level to experienced positions:

  • Data Analyst.
  • Business Architect.
  • Management Consultant.
  • Business Systems Analyst.
  • Enterprise Analyst.
  • Product Manager.
  • Requirements Engineer.


After completing the business analysis training in Ikeja Lagos Nigeria, the Lagos Data School will award you a certificate designating you as a business analyst who is capable of performing in any business analysis capacity.


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