Today’s workforce is largely engaged in several, frequently concurrent projects. Gaining an advantage in today’s fiercely competitive global business climate requires the capacity to deliver projects on time, on budget, and in alignment with corporate goals and objectives. Project managers should have a thorough understanding of all aspects of project management, from the fundamentals to significant experience. The goal of the project management training provided by the Lagos Data School in Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria is to raise the bar for all trainees.


Project managers have a very demanding job that requires a combination of analytical thinking, excellent interpersonal skills, and organizational skills. Applying knowledge, skills, tools, and strategies to execute a project in accordance with predetermined specifications is the practice of project management. The key to understanding project management is to recognize the issue, develop a strategy to address it, and then carry out that strategy up until the issue is resolved. Even though it can seem straightforward, each step of the procedure involves a lot of work..


Although this program is open to everyone, those with project management expertise across a variety of industries, professionals in a workforce pursuing a project-related job, employment, or industry, are its ideal candidates. This training is appropriate for those who also wish to obtain their PMP certification. Trainees will be prepared for the PMP through the project management training in Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria. Project Management Professional, or PMP, is the most significant certification recognized in the industry for project managers. because it gives you the flexibility to work in any industry and in any type of setting. Project managers with this accreditation also have a higher earning potential than project managers without it.


What will be taught at the project management training in Ikeja Lagos Nigeria:

  • Introduction to the essential building blocks of project management, its operating environment and responsibilities of managers.
  • Project planning including the creation of project charter and strategies for monitoring project work.
  • Communication procedures in projects.
  • Management of project procurements, costs and risks related to projects.
  • Project stakeholders expectations and requirements management.
  • Timely scheduling for project activities.
  • Project management lifecycle from planning to closure of projects.
  • Software for effective compilation, monitoring and reporting of project progress.
  • Divers methodologies in managing projects.


What makes project management crucial?

  • Risk identification and planning.
  • Speculated approach to project execution.
  • Proper financial planning.
  • Effective decision making process in every project phase.


Duties of Project Managers

Project managers must have a thorough understanding of project management because they are in charge of the planning, carrying out, monitoring, controlling, and finishing of projects.

  1. Project planning: Project managers are in charge of outlining the most practical course of action for the project. The project scope, timeline, and budget must all be included in the plan. At the project management training in Ikeja Lagos Nigeria by Lagos Data School, trainees will also learn to choose the appropriate instruments for a project  task.
  2. Team formation: Finding the right team is essential to the fundamentals of project management. Depending on the size of the initiative and the tasks required to finish the project, each project team will be unique. Project managers ensure that their team is aware of the precise duties and due dates for each phase of the project.
  3. Budget and schedule management: The ability to create a project budget and manage costs is essential for success because most projects will involve some charges. Just like managing the budget, keeping things on schedule is a project manager’s responsibility. This ensures that the team sticks to the estimated completion dates.
  4. Project intermediary: Project managers are expected to keep positive relationships and open lines of communication with stakeholders who can both help remove obstacles and empower their team. On completion of a project, the project manager must turn in to the team succeeding the completed project.
  5. Process logging and reporting: projects are kept track of by the reports given on its procedure. This is necessary to avoid mistakes that occurred in previous project activities. At the project management training in Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria, provided by the Lagos Data School, participants will learn the appropriate formatting for documenting project procedures.


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