Module 1:

Working with Multiple Workbooks Managing Multiple Windows

Moving Data Between Workbooks Moving Worksheets Between Workbooks


Module 2:

Transform Data with Data Tools Remove Duplicates

Delete Blank Rows

Convert Text to Columns

Data Consolidation


Module 3: Using External Data

Importing Data from Microsoft Access Importing Text files

Using the Convert Text to Columns Wizard Importing Data from a Website

Other Database Sources


Module 4: Troubleshoot and Fix Formula Errors

Trace Precedents and Dependents Evaluate a Formula

Using the Watch Window


 Module 5: Create Advanced Formulas with Functions Advanced IF Functions

IFS Function SUMIF Function SUMIFS Function


Math Functions RAND function


ROUND, ROUNDUP and ROUNDOWN Manipulate Text with Functions

FIND Function

LEFT, RIGHT Functions MID Function

PROPER Function

Financial Functions Definitions

PV Function

FV Function

NPV Function

PMT Function

Installing the Analysis ToolPak


Module 6: Use Macros to Automate Excel Tasks How to Start the Macro Recorder Recording a Macro

Running a Macro

Add a Macro Button to the Ribbon

Assign a Macro to a Button on the Quick Access Toolbar Assign a Macro to a Graphic Object

Macro Security

Trust Center Macro Settings

Trusted Locations Editing Recorded Macros

Editing the Macro in the Visual Basic Editor


Module 7: Analyze Alternative Data Sets with What-If Analysis

Data Tables Scenario Manager

Goal Seeking

The Solver Add-in


Module 8: Analyze Data Dynamically with PivotTables and PivotCharts

Preparing Your Data

Create a PivotTable with the Quick Analysis Tool Create a Recommended PivotTable

Creating a PivotTable Manually

Present Data with PivotCharts

Filtering a PivotChart

Moving the PivotChart

Generate a Pivot Table and a PivotChat Simultaneously


Module 9: Protect Workbooks, Worksheets, and Ranges Password-Protect Your Workbook

Set Different Access Levels

Protect the Workbook Structure

Protect Worksheets

Protect Specific Ranges

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