Module 1: Introduction


Introduction to Automation

Evolution of Robots

Development of Robot Applications

Robots Versus Employment


Module 2: Industrial Robots

Robot Structures

Robot Performance

Robot Selection

Benefits of Robots


Module 3: Automation System Components

Handling Equipment

Vision Systems

Process Equipment

Grippers and Tool Changers

Tooling and Fixturing

Assembly Automation Components

System Controls

Safety and Guarding



Module 4: Typical Applications




Handling and Machine Tending



Module 5: Developing a Solution

Determining Application Parameters

Initial Concept Design

Controls and Safety

Testing and Simulation

Refining the Concept


Module 6: Specification Preparation

Functional Elements of a Specification

Scope of Supply

Buy-Off Criteria

Covering Letter


Module 7: Financial Justification

Benefits of Robots

Quick Financial Analysis

Identifying Cost Savings

Developing the Justification

Need for Appropriate Budgets


Module 8: Successful Implementation

Project Planning

Vendor Selection

System Build and Buy-Off

Installation and Commissioning

operation and Maintenance

Staff and Vendor Involvement

Avoiding Problems


Module 9: Conclusion

9.1 Automation Strategy

9.2 The Way Forward

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