Building and maintaining websites is known as website development also called ‘Web Development”. It is the work that is done behind the scenes to make a website seem attractive, run quickly, and deliver a positive user experience. The Lagos Data School is offering hands-on website development training in Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria that will prepare you to create beautiful websites. Attendees will have group learning opportunities in class, individualized coaching, and a project deployment phase to demonstrate the abilities they have learned during the program.


Want to improve your chances of getting the job or shift careers? One of the skills taught at Lagos Data School in Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria, that will prepare you for your objectives is website development. Note that anybody and everyone, regardless of proficiency level or training goal, is welcome to enroll in Lagos Data School’s website development training in Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria. With the right digital abilities as a web developer, you may work from anywhere at your own speed and in a pleasant environment. Lagos Data School have designed the website development training to provide you the knowledge and abilities you need to become pertinent.


Frontend and Backend Development

Website development includes frontend development and backend development. A web developer is a programmer who creates client-server web applications. The layout, design, and interaction of a website using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are the responsibility of a frontend web developer. The frontend developer creates a number of programs to bind and structure the elements, make them seem appealing, and provide interaction, bringing the website’s visual component, menus, and text together accessible from a browser.


The backend developer designs what happens in the background. The frontend wouldn’t exist without this side because it is saved here. The backend developer makes use of software to ensure that the server, the application, and the database all function together without any issues using a variety of server-side languages, such as Python and PHP.


While a full-stack developer oversees both the frontend and the backend of a website and needs to be knowledgeable about every aspect of web operation to comprehend how the client and server sides will work together. The fact that there is more to study means that it will take longer to acquire this level of skill.


You can start with HTML and CSS before getting your hands dirty with various projects. Another excellent strategy to advance your website development abilities is to join a developer community.


Technologies in Website Development

Web developers, or “devs,” accomplish this utilizing a number of coding languages. They use different languages based on the tasks being completed and the platforms used. The following technologies will be covered in the website creation training in Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria:

  • HTML: HyperText Markup Language, sometimes known as HTML, is the industry-standard markup language for texts intended to be viewed in a web browser.
  • CSS: Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is a style sheet language that is used to describe how a document that was produced in a markup language, such HTML or XML, is presented. To make your website seem appealing, you will learn about flexbox, the box model, and other techniques.
  • JavaScript: Web pages will become more interactive using JavaScript. Functions, arrays, the document object model (DOM), and javascript libraries will all be covered.
  • Git: Git is a version control tool that is typically employed in software development to manage source code.
  • PHP: PHP is one of the most popular open source scripting languages for creating dynamic web pages and web applications. The scripts are simple to use, straightforward to download, and run on a server. It is suitable for beginners.


Frameworks in Website Development

A set of resources and tools known as a web development framework is used by web developers to build and maintain websites, online services, and web applications.

For Backend development, they include:

  • Laravel
  • Django
  • ExpressJS
  • Spring
  • Ruby on Rails

For Frontend development, they include:

  • AngularJS
  • VueJS
  • Ember
  • Backbone
  • React

Other frameworks include; JQuery and Bootstrap.


Career opportunities in Website Development

Web development is a good career choice because it is highly sought after and pays well.  It is one of the most easily accessible higher-paying fields because it does not require a typical university degree to qualify.

Any of the following are viable career options: Application developer, Multimedia programmer, SEO expert, Frontend developer, Backend developer, User experience(UX) researcher, Web content creator and Game developer.


After completing the website development training provided by Lagos Data School in Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria, you can be sure to acquire one of these jobs. It is important to emphasize that you will need additional abilities in order to enjoy the program and give it your best effort. These talents include strong creative ability, excellent problem-solving skills, outstanding communication skills, and numeracy skills.


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