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What is Business Intelligence (BI)?

Business intelligence is the delivery of accurate, useful information to the appropriate decision makers within the necessary time frame to support effective decision making.

The goal of a business intelligence project is better decisions.


Power BI as a Business Intelligence Tool

Microsoft Power BI is not a single tool. It is important to understand this fact as you plan to enroll in our programme that provides you with business intelligence using Power BI.

Instead, Power BI is a set of tools. These tools began their lives as separate entities existing in a couple different environments. After several iterations and machinations,

Microsoft brought these tools together into a single environment—the tool chest we call Power BI.


The Business Intelligence Process

1. Gather

For ease and speed of analysis, data is gathered from various sources and placed in a single location. As data is gathered, it is also transformed. This transformation results in data that is cleansed of errors and inconsistencies. The transformation also aligns the data with the rest of the data store, allowing it to function as a consistent whole.


2. Store

The transformed data is stored in a specific location. This data store is often referred to as a data warehouse or data mart. The difference between these two is really a matter of scope. A data warehouse attempts to bring together data from across the entire organization, whereas a data mart brings together data that is limited to a particular subject area within the organization—sales or production, for example.


Data in the data warehouse or data mart is stored in a specialized format specifically designed to allow for quick retrieval during reporting and analysis. It is also structured so thousands or millions of individual transactions can be

efficiently added together (aggregated) to determine, for example, the number of products produced in a given month or the total sales in a given year. This type of data store is said to be optimized for online analytical processing (OLAP).



3. Model

To get the best of Power BI training in Ikeja, Lagos Nigeria, a data model is built on top of the data store to serve two purposes. First, it presents the data to the business user in a manner they are familiar with—no weird table and field names to decipher, and no complex language required to query the data.


Second, it provides a single location to store business calculations which is an important aspect thought as part of the Power BI training in Ikeja Lagos Nigeria. Those internal formulas used to determine things like cost of goods sold, mean time between failure, and days beyond terms can be placed in a single location. When those calculations are needed within a report or on a dashboard, they are pulled from the data model, not re-created over and over again.


4. Visualize

Once the data is available in a model, it is ready for analysis and discovery. This is done by creating charts, tables, and gauges on reports and in dashboards. Some data visualizations will be created for one-time use as the data model is explored to answer a very specific question. Other visualizations will be created to be shared with many users or colleagues studying Power BI training in Ikeja Lagos Nigeria and referred to again and again.


Why You Should Undergo Power BI Training at Lagos Data School

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