Python is an object-oriented programming language used for high-level and general-purpose programming, not the literal reptile. As an Object-oriented programming language, it refers to data in the form of fields and code as procedures that allow a modification to data fields. Python is an interpreter that converts intermediate language to machine language.


Around 1991 saw the initial publication of Guido Van Rossum’s Python programming language. Its source code may be accessed by anyone under the terms of the GNU General Public License, which is a license issued by the Python Software Foundation. Over 48% of developers know how to use it, making it a simple language to pick up. Python is used by many prominent companies, including Intel, IBM, NASA, Pixar, Netflix, Facebook, JP Morgan Chase, Spotify, and many others. One of the four main languages utilized within the corporation, Python, is used to create the majority of Google’s YouTube content, Instagram, Reddit and Pinterest. Python training at Lagos Data School offers the ability to work for globally recognized, rapidly expanding corporations. In other words, find employment as a Python programmer with your ideal employer, such as Deloitte, Microsoft, Google, and others.


Python is a great place to start for individuals who are new to programming and coding. Given how simple it is to learn, it’s a fantastic place to start when learning programming. Python can be used to code by anyone because it is an open-source language. Because of its more English-like structure, Python is fairly simple to read and comprehend. You can figure out what each line of code does thanks to its simple structure. The development of Python is compatible with other operating systems like macOS, Linux/Unix, Windows, and Android.


Tech innovation captivates people everywhere, therefore it’s wonderful that Nigeria produces excellent developers. Lagos, the most populous metropolis in Nigeria and the second most populated city in Africa, gives many people the opportunity to work in the tech industry. Lagos Data School is located in the capital, Ikeja, and equips both individuals and corporate entities to participate in the expanding technology industry. Technology brings about development and Lagos Data School at Ikeja is keen to train minds for a better Nigeria and global deliveries in which Python programming is not exempted.



Approaches of Python Programming

  • Object-oriented approach: Python as an object-oriented programming (OOP) is built around the idea of “objects,” which are units of information that can also include code. Fields represent the data, while procedures represent the code.


  • Procedural approach: As a procedural programming, it is built on the idea of the procedure call and evolved from imperative programming. Simple computing steps must be performed in a sequence as part of a procedure. Any specified method could possibly be called at any time while a python program is running.


  • Reflective approach: Python programming has the capacity to investigate, introspect, and modify its own structure and behavior.


  • Functional approach: Python programs are created by applying and combining functions. Instead of a series of imperative statements that update the state of the system, functions as trees of expressions map values to other values.


  • Structured approach: Python program development is quick, clear and reliable. Python can easily be referred to as a multi-paradigm language since it experiments with several approaches for more advanced expertise.



What can you do with Python programming?

As a general purpose programming language, python can be used for web development, Data visualization and analytics, programming of other languages, game development, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), managing finance, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine learning. Python programming is versatile and has many uses. Learn Python programming in depth with Lagos Data School to solve real-world problems.


What to expect learning Python programming at Lagos Data School in Ikeja?

  • System setup and Python installation.
  • Functions and String operations.
  • Statements in python.
  • Python databases.
  • Dictionaries and libraries.
  • Python modules, structures and expressions.


Python programming is beginner friendly and relatively easy to learn. Although it is not necessary to have prior programming experience to take up python programming at Lagos Data School, it would be helpful. Professional trainers to train students at all levels, including beginners are available.


Program structure

  • On-site learning.
  • Online training.
  • One-on-one training.
  • Hands-on projects.

Contact Lagos Data School in Ikeja to choose the best framework for your learning experience.


Why learn Python programming at Lagos Data School?

  • Tailored learning procedure.
  • Experts training.
  • Proper career guidance and network expansion.
  • Professional certificate.
  • Access to job opportunities.
  • Conducive learning environment.


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