DevOps is a software development and delivery method emphasizing collaboration and communication between development and operations teams. DevOps aims to automate the processes involved in software development and infrastructure management, to improve the speed, quality, and reliability of software releases. It uses agile practices, such as continuous delivery and deployment. It often uses automation tools to manage the build, test, and release process. DevOps is an approach to software development that bridges the gap between development and operations and improves collaboration and communication between these two teams.


The demand for DevOps professionals in Nigeria is on the rise. As more organizations adopt DevOps practices, they will need skilled professionals to implement and manage these processes. It is an excellent time for Nigerians to consider getting into DevOps. Many good reasons exist to pursue a career in this exciting and growing field. If you are passionate about tech but not on the engineering side of things, DevOps is still a good option for you.


DevOps professionals are in high demand, and as a result, they often command high salaries. According to data from Glassdoor, the average salary for a DevOps Engineer in the United States is over $100,000 per year.


Lagos is the second most populous city in Africa, making it a hub of economic activity and a great place to start your career. Lagos is home to several thriving tech companies looking for skilled DevOps professionals. By studying at Lagos Data School, in Ikeja, you’ll be well-positioned to take advantage of these job opportunities after your training.


Approaches to DevOps

There are several approaches to DevOps practices:


Lean: The lean approach to DevOps emphasizes continuous improvement and waste elimination.


Agile: The agile approach to DevOps is based on the Agile software development methodology, which emphasizes flexibility and rapid iteration.


Continuous delivery: The continuous delivery approach to DevOps involves automating as much of the software delivery process as possible, including testing, deployment, and rollback.


Continuous deployment: Continuous deployment is a more advanced version of continuous delivery. New code changes are automatically deployed to production as soon as they are tested and approved.


There are several different approaches to implementing DevOps practices. The best strategy for a particular organization will depend on its specific needs and goals.


What can you do with DevOps?

Organizations use DevOps to improve efficiency, Increase collaboration and communication, enhance software quality, Improve customer satisfaction and increase innovation. DevOps is a versatile field with many uses. Lagos Data School gives in-depth training equipping you to have a successful career in DevOps.


What to expect while learning DevOps at Lagos Data School in Ikeja

* Learn about the principles of DevOps

* Gain hands-on experience with tools and technologies used in DevOps

* Learn about agile methodologies and how to apply them to DevOps practices.

* Understand how to implement and manage continuous delivery and deployment processes.


At Lagos Data school in Ikeja, you’ll have the opportunity to learn from experienced instructors and work on projects to apply your knowledge and skills in a practical setting.


Program structure

  • On-site learning.
  • Online training.
  • One-on-one training.
  • Hands-on projects.
  • Internship.

Contact Lagos Data School in Ikeja to choose the best framework for your learning experience.


Why learn DevOps at Lagos Data School in Ikeja?


  • Tailored learning procedure.
  • Experts training.
  • Proper career guidance and network expansion.
  • Professional certificate.
  • Access to job opportunities.
  • Conducive learning environment.


Take the first step towards achieving your goals. Enroll at Lagos Data School in Ikeja today!

DevOps Training in Lagos Data School


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